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The voice of the future of agriculture
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Landjugend Niederösterreich wants to offer a service for the rural youth of Austria to do an agricultural traineeship outside of Austria. Landjugend Niederösterreich cooperates for many years with partner organizations in Germany, Norway, Denmark, Ireland and Netherlands. The participants of the project “The voice of the future of agriculture” are students of agricultural schools of Austria. Landjugend Niederösterreich has a cooperation with 51 agricultural schools all over Austria, 10 of these are higher agricultural schools. Landjugend Niederösterreich is an important partner for the schools. On the one hand the students get a host farm through Landjugend Niederösterreich and their partner organization in the chosen country or on the other hand they can find a host on their own. The program coordinators at each school (it’s a teacher) has collected a lot of contact details and feedback of the traineeships of the last years. Students can contact hosts directly. In autumn the program coordinator of Landjugend Niederösterreich has already started to promote the service at the higher agricultural schools. There were separate events for the agricultural schools (not higher schools) for interested students in Linz, Graz and Langenlois. The students had to apply online until December 31st, 2015. Landjugend Niederösterreich has developed a database to coordinate all the applications online (called There will be ten preparation seminars for all the applicants from January until March. They will be partly bilingual because the program coordinator of Landjugend Niederösterreich will do them together with the program coordinators of the partner organization abroad. Most of the traineeships of the participants will start in June 2016. The traineeship is a compulsory part of their education and should be four until 52 weeks, depends on the school and school type. All participants go abroad for 14 weeks in summer 2016. It depends on the chosen country but there are different types of farms: Arable farming, Agri-Home, Agri-Tourism, organic farming, forestry combined with animals, farms for vegetables, dairy farms, fruit farms, horse farms, cow breeding farm, sheep farms. Living and eating will be included at the host’s farm. The students have a basic knowledge in English and agricultural experience. After the traineeship they will be able to carry out different tasks on a farm abroad under guidance or partly independent. The learner will be able to handle with different situations in life independently although he isn’t grown up. The learner will be able to understand another European culture and life style and to adapt his life style to another country. The student will be able to communicate in a language that isn’t his mother tongue during working time and during free time. 200 young students from all over Austria want to do a traineeship in agriculture in a European country. The participants are between 15 and 18 years old and students of agricultural schools. Landjugend Niederösterreich cooperates with the federal ministry of agriculture, forestry, environment and water management. Both project partners hope that the participants develop a sympathy for different methods and conditions (Austria versus country of traineeship). The students should try to solve national and international problems with this knowledge in a way with more acceptance and tolerance. The title of the project “The voice of the future of agriculture” signalizes the result. A lot of the participants will take over the farm of their parents and doing this traineeship they can collect experiences that are inspiring and will be useful for the future. Landjugend Niederösterreich has the certificate of quality ISO 9001:2008 and therefore this project will also be under the guidance of this certificate. Landjugend Niederösterreich will spread out the results via different digital possibilities like Facebook and homepage and also via newspapers. It’s important to show the reports and photos of the trainees to other youths and inspire them.

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