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The Virtual School. Δημιουργώντας το ιδανικό Ευρωπαϊκό σχολείο
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The 1st (First) Junior High School is the oldest Junior High School on Corfu Island with more than 230 pupils (aged 12-15) and circa 27 teachers. A large number of pupils are immigrants from various places in Europe and mostly in Albania. Several pupils have unemployed or seasonal working parents or they live in single parent homes. Taking these facts into consideration, school staff and principal have created a strategic plan, and one of the basic aims is the search for efficient ways for the further teachers’ training and the implementation of European programmes, in order to prepare our pupils for their future European identity, to minimize any social discriminations, to promote foreign language learning and to promote learning through the incorporation of new technologies and innovative methods in classroom.In order to achieve all this, it is mostly important that teachers are prepared to know how to incorporate modern teaching methods into the classroom and cooperate and interact with European colleagues, in order to make their aims possible. Teachers’ further training and field observation in a school of another European country are also of utmost importance, in order to collect experience and to make ourselves acquainted with good practices, which will be a part of the new policy of our High School. All of the eight teachers who will take part into these actions have a very good or excellent command of the English language (and several of them of the German, Italian and French language as well). One of them is very familiar with European programmes being the eTwinning Ambassador for the Ionian Islands and all of them are willing to train themselves and others and share the knowledge they will gather during these actions. The teachers will participate in two actions:Α1. Participation in a training programme about innovative technologies and educational software Web 2.0, through which the participants will acquire skills for the distance learning courses and the use of electronic tools for the strength of educational activities. Α2. Aims of the planning of field observations are the reinforcement of our High School strategic planning and policy in a number of fields by using good examples of the school we are going to visit. We aim to focus on a number of topics such as dealing with school violence / bullying, early school dropout, setting rules about the right use of mobile phones and devices in general, the field observation and registration of teaching methods and infrastructure used both in conventional classrooms and laboratories. Through this observation we aim to change our own way of thinking and behaviour, in order to accomplish the targets of our plan for right and extrovert policy. One of the first expected results is the activation of the other teachers in European programmes / actions, with the motivation of the interaction with European colleagues and the accomplishment of several common actions, by bringing a European dimension to their school and making it into an educational institution which provides everyone with training opportunities and co-working with other European educational institutions. As far as students are concerned, they will gain self-confidence in the use of foreign languages and they will improve their educational level through their constant contact with pupils from all over Europe. In addition to this, it will strengthen their European profile and even enable them to search (in future) for a work position in an European country outside Greece. To sum up, we would like to mention that the expected results include the acquaintance of knowledge on new technologies which will be incorporated in the educational process but also on distance learning programmes which will be very helpful for us not only for our lesson planning but also while dealing with innovative programmes, such as environmental programmes, eTwinning programmes etc. Through interaction with our European colleagues we are looking forward to cooperating with others and to creating a net of teachers, schools and countries for future multilateral school partnerships (KA2). Through field observation, we are looking forward to gaining knowledge and good practices regarding dealing with school violence and regulations about using mobile phones and regulations about technology issues in general. Through discussions with principals and educational staff we are looking forward to getting familiar with ways of cooperating with parents and pupils, in order to use a similar cooperative and extrovert policy to our School.
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