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Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Feb 29, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Content / Background: Unemployment and choosing the wrong profession is an important problem in firstly our country and the whole world. The efforts made aren’t sufficient so have very little impact. The young are attracted by the popularity, high wages, prevalence of the profession while deciding on their professions but they disregard their skills and competences. As a result of this, in their professional lives there is loss of motivation, low productivity and failure. The wrong choice made and the wrong employment may affect the economy negatively. With our project, it will possible for our youngsters to discover their skills, knowledge, competences and desires, to gain skills on compliance of their professions and its criteria. The aims of our project: With the right career choice and right employment, by increasing the satisfaction and motivation of the young, we have an aim to contribute to increasing the productivity of work. Objectives are as follows: - To raise awareness in the young about deciding on the profession appropriate with themselves - To teach how to decide on a profession appropriate with their skills. - To show the problems which could appear while deciding on the profession which is not appropriate. - To enable the young to face their interests, knowledge, skills and competences while they choose their professions. - To introduce various professions - To teach the young and the youth workers about what to consider while choosing the profession. - To increase the cooperation among the partner organizations on unemployment The number of the participants and the profile of the participant: There will be 32 participants in the project. Moreover, 2 support staff, 1 facilitator and 1 expert will participate in the project. The age range of our project has been determined as 18-35. So there will be dynamic participant group in which working potential is high. Some of the project participants are the youngsters who are at the stage of profession choice. And some of the participants are those who have to work outside the department they are graduated from. And some of the participants are those who don’t think their professions comply with their own criteria. By involving the individuals who have been employed and who are experienced, it has been foreseen that the young who are at the stage of choice can benefit from the experienced individuals. Therefore, the project has a wider application area. The method to be used and the definition of the activity: Posters, brochures will be prepared within the project activities. Cultural night meeting games with the participants, NGO fair, group dynamism activities, interactive presentations, field visit, presentation of good practices, preparing CV various profession introductions, preparing scenarios and exhibition work activities, evaluation and reporting works, dissemination activities and project draft preparation activities will be carried out. The methods which are going to be used in these activities are as follows; ice-breakers, facilitators, question-answer work, group work, individual works, on-site learning, interactive presentations, case study, discussion, survey. Foreseen result and the short description of its impacts: There will be a society consisting of individuals working in the right professions for themselves, with high motivation, who can get high efficiency from his job and who are more beneficial to their environment. Individuals serve the needs of the people around them not only their own needs with their works. The right choices made, will bring healthy, successful, trustworthy results. Providing the motivations of the participants in their business lives, doing their jobs enthusiastically and paying importance will increase the efficiency. The participants will be successful by choosing the right professions appropriate with themselves. With this success, individuals doing their jobs rightly will constitute a society which is stable and successful. Long term benefits: With our project, by raising awareness in the young about the choice of profession, in long term there will be individuals with high motivation, who are successful, happy in their social lives and as a result there will be a society which is successful and strong.
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