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The telecommunting worker (Distansarbetaren)

During the last decade, online work has proved to be a possibility to prevent depopulation of the archipelago. Via onlinework, new categories of professions can be based in the archipelago, either full-time or for specific periods. The reason thatonline work has not achieved the success that was hoped for so far can be traced to two main factors: 1) lack of adequate ITinfrastructure(capacity, dependability) and 2) a work culture that does not promote an independent mode of employment.In addition, movement towards the archipelago has been hampered by the lack of attractive housing and associatedinfrastructure. The possibility to live close to nature and the sea, in one’s own home, is the primary reason for moving tothe archipelago. The IT infrastructure is continually improved and high-bandwidth data links as well as the appearance ofvarious mobile alternatives are available in the archipelago today.The aim of the project was to bring together the Finnish and Åland- experience of developing online work and otherknowledge-based, IT intensive work, and to start concrete pilot projects that in time will create models for how to generateemployment in the archipelago by means of online work, entrepreneurship and outsourcing of jobs. The project can also beseen as a preliminary study in anticipation of the investments to promote online work and entrepreneurship in thearchipelago that may possibly be implemented during the next funding period in 2007–2013.The projects concrete objective included creating a model for moving to the archipelago and improving possibilities forcurrent and new residents to produce and sell their services to companies based in other regions, mainly in nearby cities. Achievements: Please refer to the 'Description' field, which also includes the achievements of this project.

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