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The skill to active!
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Nov 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "The skill to active!" aims to promote European values of personal development through guidance for young people to grassroots sport, in accordance with the Work Plan of the European Union for the sport.Secondary objectives are: To build key competencies and skills related to communication, organization of leisure and intercultural communication of participants, including their foreign language knowledge and skills; To form knowledge and skills of youth leaders and volunteers working with youth at risk social groups to organize sports events and outdoor activities; To promote healthy lifestyles, including outdoor sports, nutrition and initiation of sporting events as a major factor for full personal development of young people; To promote the development of partner cooperation between organizations of European countries with similar missions and to increase their capacity by training their leaders and volunteers, as well as planning for future joint initiatives. The project will involve youth workers and volunteers from the three partner organizations, a total of 36 participants /19-29 years. /.The main components of a youth exchange includes: training-discussion sessions to increase awareness and knowledge of the participants about Erasmus + its objectives, subroutines and opportunities for education and development of young people, European values of personal development and leisure - its organization, factor for making whole development of youth potentials. Training is planned for the implementation of sports approaches to inclusion of young people from social risk groups, isolated ethnic young people and those with aggressive and bad behavior. This module includes a practical session to build teamwork and cohesion, through which participants will master the techniques for creating and developing teams, as organizers of mass youth sports events. The program provides presentation of sports game Bocce suitable for social inclusion and development of responsiveness of young people with different social, ethnic and cultural differences and those with personality deficits. They will be presented and flex different tools and methods of sports animation. Within two days will be conducted training for organizing youth sports events: the development of a logistics plan of youth sporting event, ensuring security and safety in their implementation, provide first aid if needed. The program is designed so that after each theoretical session is provided practicum through which participants can apply the knowledge in practice. Included are training sessions aimed at healthy eating sports and Work shop for the preparation of healthy foods, typical cuisine of three countries. Will be held a press conference to publicize the objectives, activities and performance is an essential activity that will provide not only the publicity of the project, but may involve representatives of local authorities and stakeholders in the city of Smolyan. This event will be organized by hosting organization, but it will involve all youth exchange. It will be held Youth Sports happening, which will involve young people from the villages of Smolyan, athletes with mental disabilities from Special Olympics, Smolyan and other young people from the local community to get acquainted with innovative sports, but also to participate in youth sports celebration. In organizing and carrying out his will participate and the three partner organizations. The last component includes discussion sessions, aimed at planning and specification of the upcoming follow-up activities that will be held on the territory of the partner countries, as well as planning for future expansion of cooperation between the partners. As a result of the project, participants will build on new knowledge and skills for the implementation of sport and leisure activities for young people at risk. They will acquire a foreign language, multicultural and team skills, which will work more efficiently for their organizations and will have a chance for their future career. Through the project, the three organizations will establish fruitful cooperation and planning future construction and extension of established international NGO network Social sport.
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