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The second phase of Kalevala into the New Millennium -project: Souten soamma suuren hauvin, airoten kalan paremman
Start date: Jun 13, 2004, End date: Aug 12, 2007 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The previous project (the first phase of Kalevala Into the New Millennium) concentrated on creating a networking system between White Sea Karelia and the programme area of Interreg III A Karelia, accounting for, illustrating and preserving the unique cultural values of the Karelian folk song areas as well as guaranteeing their sustainability in both the material and non-material cultural sectors. This project carried on the work for preserving and reviving the cultural heritage. The project strived for demonstrating the significance of cultural heritage in terms of building the future and, in particular, to demonstrate by modern means the unique character of the Karelian cultural heritage to people today. Achievements: The project produced both digital tradition material (for over 200 hours) and virtual material, in addition to reproductions of the traditional material to be used for marketing the Kalevala and Karelian cultures. The project published, among others, 4 CD discs, two discs in conjunction with books and 18 books, some aimed for children, some for young people and some for adults, and two scientific publications. All publications were made in cooperation with one or another of the project partners. The publications of the project received a lot of publicity. Publications were given away as gifts in connection with various events during the project. The project also created an audio archive for the web which, however, was not made accessible to the public during the project. The intention was to expand the archive with the project `Folk Music Development Project in Support of Cultural Tourism´, after which it would be open for the public during the fi rst half of 2008. Additionally, exhibitions were organised during the project some of which were dedicated to children and young people, as well as lectures, seminars and other events, such as runic song concerts. The project managed to produce high quality material and prove that the Kalevala and cultural knowledge can continue a rich existence and interest various communities today as well. More generally, it was noted that cultural traditions could form a foundation for business activities even today (e.g. cultural products such as books, CD discs, cultural travel). First of all, the project made people aware of things that had already disappeared from the collective memory of the younger generations. There were several productions for children and young people that are likely to make the new generations interested in their cultural background.

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  • 82.2%   516 216,00
  • 2000 - 2006 Euregio - Karelia  (FI-RU)
  • Project on KEEP Platform