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The same although different sky above us - the relationship between a lifestyle and the geographical situation in various European countries.

Students in different countries performed both collaborative and independent activities related to astronomy to help rediscover their place in the Universe and engage a personal sense of interest and discovery. Activities included astronomical observations and research on astronomy impact on culture a lifestyle showing that each society had developed legends, myths and traditions concerning the sky, the planets and the stars which form part of its cultural heritage. This involved both whole class activities and project work done by small groups of students. Students from the participating schools developed their linguistic and communication skills through a variety of means such as: reporting their findings on a dedicated website and at meetings with groups of students. The cooperation with local amateur and professional scientific organizations helped to ascertain and understand science work principles. We also wanted to draw students’ attention to another, less common aspect of the environmental protection i.e. light pollution. Besides, through disseminating of astronomical observations we managed to make young European people get interested in science which may improve their future job opportunities. Our astronomical research engaged and involved all the young people, particularly disabled ones.
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