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The Roots and Routes transnational Academy for coaches, peers and teachers

Many young urban music, dance and media talents who participated in the local and international R R activities want to pursuit an international professional career as an art coach, while their former coaches want to continue to develop the R R method and their own capacities as coaches in intercultural co-operation with like-minded R R coaches from other countries. Until now, there isn’t any formalized possibility to answer these demands. The R R Transnational Academy wants to fill in this gap.An increasing number of youngsters who want to become professionals in these sectors are not following the traditional path through formal art education. This is especially true for creative young talents in the metropolis. They create their own art world, commonly referred to as the world of urban culture. Often these youngsters have a non-European background, which, due to social and economic reasons, offers them little educational chances. They teach themselves and each other, and are used to learning by doing: they are enrolled in the University of the Street. Teaching methods are therefore very different from regular methods used in regular art schools: sometimes learning by doing is emphasized, sometimes listening and repeating. In general, they look for tailor-made training opportunities to enhance their capacities and knowledge so that they become ready to enter the creative industry.To answer these new demands, a variety of non-formal art education programs has sprung up in local community centres, often led by artists. These projects do know how to reach urban talents, but often lack sufficient educational knowledge to develop solid methods method to train them in an efficient way. Therefore, there is a great need for new teaching methods and new tailor-made training programs. Key features are: competence based learning, inside out-outside in, individual learning routes, and all of this in firm co-operation with representatives of the creative industry.The proposed project aims at developing new training methods, competence sets and skills for coaches and in non-formal training situations. The R R Transnational Academy training program will also be directed at regular art school teachers so that they become better equipped to deal with a new type of student that requires a new type of education.The partners in the program are all experienced in working with young urban talents, in music, dance and media. The teaching staff of the R R Transnational Academy will be recruited from two Dutch regular art schools, one at university level and the other at vocational level. Use will be made of the expertise already gathered by two existing European networks, ELIA (European League of Institutes of the Arts) and AEC (Association Europeènne des Conservatoires). And the creative industry will play an active role in designing and evaluating the new curriculum.The newly developed methods will be used in national pilots aimed at converting young urban talents, i.e. peers, into coaches themselves. The Roots Roots Transnational Academy will select the candidates from the ranks of urban talents that were prior members of the Roots Routes Summer courses, using assessment procedures based on the competence sets laid down in the new curriculum. The former urban talents will put their skills to the test in national projects for urban talents: they will coach them towards a stage performance and/or media production. The Roots Roots Transnational Academy will promote its training programs in art schools at university level, in art schools at the level of vocational training institutes and at community centers. The tailor-made character of the program developed by the Academy will make it easy to adjust the content of a program to any group that is interested.

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