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The role of microRNAs in the Retinal Bipolar Cell (RBC miRNA)
Start date: 01 Feb 2013, End date: 06 Jun 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Studies conducted at the Friedrich Meischer Institute (FMI) in Basel have focused on the roles of miRNAs specific to the retina. They have recently shown that absence of functional miRNA expression has severe consequences on mature cone photoreceptors of the mouse retina; a selective and dramatic reduction of cone-specific gene expression arises with the cone-specific loss of regulation by miRNAs in adult mice. The bipolar cells act post-synaptically to the photoreceptors where they not only transmit but also process the light signal received from rods and cones. In this proposal I wish to examine whether absence of functional miRNAs have as severe implications for the bipolar cells as they do for cone photoreceptors. In addition by profiling the miRNA population of these highly specialised neurons I hope to uncover miRNA/mRNA interactions that can fine-tune synaptic transmission and thus contribute to visual processing.
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