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The Ripple Project: Striving for a Healthier Environment

This project was facilitating the construction of a professional kitchen to be run by the residents at the Young Offenders Unit of Rehabilitation Services (YOURS). The residents of YOURS have their food delivered in stainless steel containers prepared by adult residents who cook for the whole facility. The food’s preparation is not taken care of by the residents, and therefore the quality of the food does not meet their desired standards. The project allowed the young residents to apply for funding, plan the kitchen set-up, choose the best offers, work with professionals, such as from the Health Department and various food suppliers, and to be physically involved in the kitchen’s construction under the guidance of qualified tradesmen. At the end the participants managed to run the kitchen successfully because food was provided for the whole facility. Therefore it signifi cantly improved the life of the members of the institution. On a personal level this process aimed to empower participants and develop a sense of whilst motivating them to integrate into their community and wider society. This project also increased the participants’ skill set and chance of becoming employed afterwards. It is these kinds of projects targeting youth that truly address their needs.
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