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Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

At the moment, not just Europe but whole world is taking part in very dynamic happenings, which are drastically changing not just our societies, but also the people within. Considering the last world news about employability, migration, terrorism, poverty, destruction, twe realize that the young people is actually the most affected group, and the group which has to create the future. The Loesje e.V. network is quite diverse, we had a permanent contact with our partners in other countries, EU, near East and the Balkan, not just online but in different projects and activities. In the last period we came all with questions and comments on the negative influence of the current socio-political and economical situation in our societies. All discussion about our work and efforts in the sector of youth led to the key point, that the young people are not participating active in the society The reason of this passiv attitudes we are searching in the access to information, innovation, inclusion, but the most in the education. The formal education is not giving the impact needed, the young people to overcome the obstacles and have a decent life. In the most of the cases of the current situation the product is violation of the basic human rights, which includes rights for a life in dignity and work opportunities, segregation of the minorities and of the people who immigrate (not just the refugees, but the free immigration as well), demotivation and passiveness in the active citizenship. The knowledge about human rights and their violation, inclusion and the active democratic citizenship are the general objectives of the project, on which we want to work separately, and in the same time to connect them with activities online, by using ICT methodology, creative tools in different languages and open educational sources. The goal of this row of training courses is raising not just the awareness, but the knowledge on human rights and acknowledgment of violation of human rights in today's society, focused on the reason of exclusion of the people and activism for inclusion and encouragement which will lead to active democratic participation of the young people. We want this project to be a symbol of the power of the young people in the fight towards stereotypes and propaganda, online as well, but also towards the stakeholders in the society. This project we see as a motivator and activator with concrete steps and visible activities and results. Under one umbrella we want to carry out 3 training courses structured as following: 1. Human rights and violation of the human rights This is the first training that we want to carry out, because we want to analyse the problem tree from the roots. And we see the roots in the knowledge on human rights. The aim of this training is to give to the participants knowledge on the human rights and their role, to face the violation of the human rights and to take effective steps towards by using creativity and ICT methodology. The specific objectives of this training course are: -Human rights education -Raising awarness on human rights and their role in the society -Recognising of violation and searching constructive solution towards that -Developing skills on promotion of human rights -Developing online activism for promoting human rights -Raising the awareness on active citizenship 2. Inclusion With the second training course we would like to touch the issues with discrimination and segregation in the society. In the time of massive migration (pushed or pulled), we face high level of exclusion and hate speech.The young people are strenghtening this process trough the power of social media and propaganda. The main goal of this training course will be creation of the sense for equality based on the human rights knowledge , which will lead to inclusion of different excluded groups (minaroties, rfugees, LGBT etc) The specific objectives of this training are: -Raising awareness on stereotypes and prejudeces -Raising awarness on gender equality -Deveoping skills for recognizing and fight of exclusion in the society -Deveoping skills for inclusion of different target groups -Deveoplng skills for creative ways of inclusion using multilingualism -Deveoping online and offline activities for inclusion 3. Active democratic citizenship The promotion of democracy and values of the European Union is a very important aspect in the activation of the young people as a players in the decision making processes and development in their societies. With the last training course we want to strength the potential of the young people who are aware about the human rights and inclusion , to be active citizens in their society and to work on its development. The specific objectives are: -Deveoping skills for working with demotivated youth -Promotion of Democracy, European citizenship and common values -Developing youth policy makers -Deveoping active participation by using creativity and ICT
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