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The Realities That We Are Blinded to But Can Save Our Lives
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Cancer is a hot issue not only a disease that concerns the partner schools but the whole world. Throughout the world many people ignore the things that threaten their health. The aim of this project is among students aged 14-19 years old at the partner schools(more than 1500 pupils, aged 14-19 years old) , among many teachers and parents to raise the level of awareness against cancer and its environmental effects at a level of at least 50%. Also to announce and acknowledge the subject local-wide, nation-wide and European-wide. To reach this goal to keep the sustainability of this project it is planned to organize short term exchange of pupils (short teaching activities,team works, joint workshops, organising informative campaigns, presentations, organising fest, acting local, field visits..) and short term joint staff events team works, joint workshops, designing new curriculum, field visits…) through the medium of learning teaching training activities, also through the medium of dissemination (brochures posters, DVD, short-film, website, e-book, informative campaigns, final fest..)among parents and local people, with the help of the press among the whole society, an awareness will be constructed. The success and impact of the project will be measured by means of questionnaires, dairies and reports.After the project by continuing sharing the information using social Networks like E-twinning, Facebook will help the sustainability of the project. Through the project, we are proposing: -to promote a new approach of the issue ‘health’ -to increase the consciousness of the target audience as ‘consumers’ -to increase the awareness of the target audience about additives, GDO used in food carcinogen used in textile products -to enhance the target audience’s life styles and habits of nutrition -to decrease the addiction to fast food, frozen food and bad habits(smoking/alcohol) with the target audience -to increase the consciousness of the target audience about usage of the technology especially cell phones -to get the parents and teachers to realize the importance of becoming role-models about usage of the technology -to create awareness among teachers and parents about raising healthy individuals -to prevent health problems widely which can appear during the adulthood of teenagers, caused by nutrition and usage of technology -to establish awareness by giving information about high - standart agriculture and cattle - dealing, the producers and sellers of food and the standart production, warehousing, packaging, distrubition and selling terms -to increase the awareness of the target audience about what kind of risks kid clothes and toys hold. -to increase the awareness of the target audience as a consumer they should supervise the production and packaging of the agricultural products. -to increase the knowledge levels and professional qualifications of the teachers -to take attention nation wide with the help of offering the developed unit with the cooperation of the partner schools to the ministries to be included to the curriculums -to increase the awareness level of the local people by encouraging them to attend to the project final fest. -to increase the level of awareness of the local people by handing out Brochures/posters/DVD to the local schools, health care centers, hospitals, city/town public institutions -to have the pupils gather new items about cancer and the environmental factors and these are included in the e-book -to establish a school wide awareness by means of project corners exhibited on the walls at schools Besides, the target audience as consumers will learn what kind of packages are used and have headed to unharmful package products.There have been positive alterations to stay away from cancer with the help of giving information about healthy life among the associate schools and local community.The students will make school and field trips to the industrial zone and learn the preparations and the structure of the fabrics used in the textile industry, waste gases, water and energy consumptions, the chemicals in the waste water, waste water disposal facilities, getting rid of the waste water and how these effect the health of humans. The trend towards traditional will gain advantage over the global. A report, which is a result of investigations of the local law structure, will be written to lower the environmental effects of cancer, to encourage the use of harmless packages, to prevent the use of “gmo”(genetically modified organisms) in agricultural products. This report will be added to the e-book. The students will learn the similar and different sides of the local law structure.
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