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The Quantum Geometric Langlands Topological Field Theory (QuantGeomLangTFT)
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2020 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We will use modern techniques in derived algebraic geometry, topological field theory and quantum groups to construct quantizations of character varieties, moduli spaces parameterizing G-bundles with flat connection on a surface. We will leverage our construction to shine new light on the geometric representation theory of quantum groups and double affine Hecke algebras (DAHA's), and to produce new invariants of knots and 3-manifolds.Our previous research has uncovered strong evidence for the existence of a novel construction of quantum differential operators -- and their extension to higher genus surfaces -- in terms of a four-dimensional topological field theory, which we have dubbed the Quantum Geometric Langlands (QGL) theory. By construction, the QGL theory of a surface yields a quantization of its character variety; quantum differential operators form just the first interesting example. We thus propose the following long-term projects:1. Build higher genus analogs of DAHA's, equipped with mapping class group actions -- thereby solving a long open problem -- by computing QGL theory of arbitrary surfaces; recover quantum differential operators and the (non-degenerate, spherical) DAHA of G, respectively, from the once-punctured and closed two-torus.2. Obtain a unified construction of both the quantized A-polynomial and the Oblomkov-Rasmussen-Shende invariants, two celebrated -- and previously unrelated -- conjectural knot invariants which have received a great deal of attention.3. By studying special features of our construction when the quantization parameter is a root of unity, realize the Verlinde algebra as a module over the DAHA, shedding new light on fundamental results of Cherednik and Witten.4. Develop genus one, and higher, quantum Springer theory -- a geometric approach to constructing representations of quantum algebras -- with deep connections to rational and elliptic Springer theory, and geometric Langlands program.
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