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The Programme for 'One to One' Specialised and Business Language Training

The project aims to provide tailored 'one-to-one' English language training to a range of potential users from different business sectors. The general aim being to raise the English language skills of business representatives, supporting the fact that English now operates as the main language for business communication in Europe, thus increasing the potential competitiveness and business prospects of those involved. The project will borrow from existing 'one-to-one' language teaching programmes to create a language package that can meet the needs of individual users (individual learner's learning style, individual learner's needs). A detailed 'needs analysis profile' will be developed as a tool for assessing the specific language needs of the user with English language teaching delivery being based upon the profile's contents. Both the 'needs analysis' and the course contents will be made available on CD-Rom thus allowing for flexible individualised use. The content of language courses will cover all standard elements such as reading, writing, speaking and listening, but will also contain elements of self-assessment, alongside elements of 'learning how to learn', in an effort to target courses at the needs of individual users. Project partners will design and pilot the language course curriculum which, in turn, will be transferred to 'activity packs' that combine the findings of the 'needs analysis' with the course curriculum. Student and teacher activity packs will be produced in printed and electronic versions. Dissemination will be via the internet, through international conferences & business events and through the hosting of project workshops and presentations at language schools.

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