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The Power of Tolerance
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“The Power of Tolerance” is a project of Youth’s exchange which is being organized by Lithuanian association “Unique projects”. This project will provide knowledge and skills of tolerance, fighting with discrimination issues. In this project, participants will get a deeper understanding of cultural differences and tolerance, will acquire practical skills in non-formal learning. The main objectives of the project are: to introduce participants about project partner's countries (and various other) cultures, their similarities and differences. By the non-formal education learning skills reveal the importance of tolerance. Improve our team working and presentation of our own ideas. Project’s aim is: to find out the main types of discrimination; develop strategies to improve the situation of minorities in general, and to raise the level of tolerance in the society. The project partners have chosen according to their targeted reasoning as why they want and why they should participate in the project as our partners. We are delighted to have such an experienced partners from different Erasmus + program countries: Lithuania, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Slovakia. Also, with two countries (Italy and Czech Republic) we are going to cooperate for the second time. Italian and Czech Association have already participated in our project "Economics do not bite." We want to build a strong and reliable long-term relationships with various foreign organizations. The preliminary date of the main exchanges of the projects is planned between July 13 - 21, 2015. The main activities will take place in Lithuania, Kaunas. The partner countries will be included in organizing and will actively take part in all the activities. All partnership countries will have equivalent responsibilities in organizing and leading project’s activities. Participants will be selected not only by question-and-answer form but also by a motivation letter explaining why they would like to participate, why they are motivated to participate in this project, what are their objectives expectations and ambitions. Tolerance is not easily measured indicator of people's own introspection, and the answers may be different from the reality, but we are going to take time for preparation of specific questions, case formulation, to understand what is the person in relation to tolerance. Planned number of participants is 30 (4 people + 1 leader from each country), aged 16 to 30, 12 of these participants, with fewer opportunities (2 from each country + 1 accompanying person). This is - young, sociable people who want to learn about different cultures and get more knowledge in general. All assignments will be promoted on an equal partnership between players and will not be releasing opposes gender groups (males and females). According to preliminary plan of activities, day 1 is going to be for arriving, getting to know with each other, ice-breaking activities, safety training and instructions, current questions and offers. Safety instructions training will be held by the organizers. Together with the participants we will identify and write down on a big sheet of paper total composed rules of participants that we will keep in the whole project. Plenty of games, discussions, brainstorms and reflections considered with activities theme will be included. Discussions between ourselves "What we did yesterday and what we are going to do today. Our wishes and needs." Participants will receive tasks, activities that promote themselves actively participate, think and act. Participants will have the task of conducting a real investigation Lithuania (Vilnius and Kaunas), through surveys / reports in order to assess the Lithuania's people tolerance level, non-discrimination issues. Creative workshops. The biggest part of project’s evenings are planned to be cultural evenings. We will be able to get a deeper understanding about other country's traditions, culture, music, dance and cuisine. We will try to find out the main types of discrimination, strategies to improve the situation of minorities in general , and to raise the level of toIerance in society. Individual expression of thoughts. Participants will be sharing their last general impressions of this project, giving final ideas, future action plan review and adjustment. During the project, we are planning to create an electronic information package for the general public, explaining what to do if you’re facing discrimination speech: *In Internet comments *In the Media *In life *After becoming a witness of a crime *How to recognize it in general?” We have already agreed with all participating countries, when they will return back to home countries after this project, they have to hold at least one (if possible, more) open seminar which targeted group would be the whole public, talking about project’s dissemination, Erasmus+ program opportunities and gained knowledge in the project, the information package.
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