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Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We are in a time when gender equality has become even more important due to the inequality processes experienced in many cultures in the last years. However, gender equality, hides different situations depending on the culture. Also, since the crisis and recent political changes have caused a setback in many gender equality policies, it necessary to spread youth awareness about the importance of respect and equality for the individual.Through the analysis of songs and music videos, we will detect the inequality and sexism that exists in the daily life of the population as well as the stimuli that we perceive. This project was born from final evaluation of the Erasmus + project UPBEAT ON THE ENVIRONMENT performed in Girona during the Holy Week 2016 where a group of young people, from the six different countries that formed the Youth Project, proposes a new project in order to work about gender equality through the composition of lyrics in rap music and with urban dance as the tool.The project objectives are:MAIN OBJECTIVES -To create a debate around the topic of gender and give visibility to this situation.- To promote the acquisition of knowledge of dance and rap through non-formal education.-To create a link between young Europeans from an youth exchange .SPECIFIC OBJECTIFS- To debate and promote the acquisition of knowledge around the topic of gender equality among the younger’s between 18 and 30 years old.- To create a debate around the concept of gender and develop awareness in the different cultures of Europe.- To promote the acquisition of knowledge to tackle the issue of gender.- To understanding the stimuli that people receive through music.- To promote the acquisition of knowledge of rap, dance and audiovisuals.- To promote social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities through rap culture.- To propose new projects that give continuity to the main objective of the project in other countries.Participants in the project will be between 18 and 30 years old, whereas the social and professional responsibility required by the project is speciallylinked to this age. In addition, as the project is related to development of urban dance, rap and audiovisual, it is understood that most of the participants should have already acquired some experience in this area, or have a special interest about these disciplines.In order to reach all this objectives different dynamics, workshops, debates and talks will take place. Not just with the participation of the youngers from the exchange project but also with different professionals who will support all participants and try that the involved youngers of the project could achieve their objectives and overcome their fears and concerns.All activities designed for this project are intended to provide tools and new methods of prevention and detection of machismo in everyday life; and also to promote artistic disciplines such as dance, rap and audiovisual as a tool to express and highlight the social conflict that involves gender inequality; so all activities are designed to improve the skills, abilities and attitudes of the participants.Besides the fact of give visibility to the issue of gender equality, to create a debate around it and to promote the acquisition of knowledge of dance and rap, one of the objectives of this youth exchange project are also to give visibility to the Erasmus + program in Matadepera. In this regard, the audiovisual materials will be disseminate through social networks in order to share the results and the participants will be at the same time the vehicle to transfer and disseminate Erasmus+ program through the local community.
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