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The main goal of the project is to make preparations for the construction of a biomass power plant in Gellénháza and to improve the use of renewable energy sources. A Feasibility Study was developed, along with project documentation for the construction of a power plant using inert gas rich in CO2, which is harmful to the environment and human health and which is pumped out of geological layers. By adding biomass to combined power plants, the inert gas is used to produce electric power. Target groups of the investment are the people of Gellénháza, the city administration and institutions as well as agricultural producers from the region managing energy plantations. Achievements: During the project, several promotional events were held and bilingual publications were developed presenting the possibilities for the use of alternative energy sources. An activity flowchart was developed and the project documentation was presented at the meeting in Lendava. The following documents were prepared under the project: environmental impact study, feasibility study, project documentation to obtain permits, cost-benefit analysis. The project developed a preliminary environmental impact study and project documentation to obtain permits from the Energy Office of the Republic of Hungary.
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  • 75.1%   362 189,87
  • 2000 - 2006 Slovenia - Hungary - Croatia (SI-HU-HR)
  • Project on KEEP Platform

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