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The olive tree culture from Crete to Cyprus

Olives as an agricultural product, as a main ingredient of the famous Cretan and Cypriot cuisine, as a product of all times stored in the artful ceramic vessels of past centuries and processed in stone-built mills, and even as a theme for painters, sculptors, silversmiths and a source of inspiration for poets and literary authors and, finally, the olive tree, as a monument of nature will be the main theme of the cooperation between SEDHK and SEKEP under the title The olive tree culture from Crete to Cyprus.The olive tree culture from Crete to Cyprus undertaken by SEDHK concerns the preservation, enhancement and promotion of the olive tree culture and the strengthening of the cross-border cooperation between Crete and Cyprus through joint actions pertaining to the enhancement and promotion of the natural and man-made olive-harvesting monuments in both areas. Expected Results: The project basically is a realisation of a strong desire from both the Cypriot and the Cretan side to disseminate and publicise valuable archive and documented material and literature about the Sacred Tree and, in this way, disseminate the olive tree culture. A culture that is unique, that is captured in a number of man-made and natural monuments, but in a fragmented way that deprives them of their full meaning and magnitude.
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