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The New Knowledge For Pre-Retirement Training Quality
Start date: 01 Oct 2012,

One of the main ideas of the project is to turn good European practice into cost-effective and easily adoptable, easily transferable and adaptable products to be applied by organizations providing adult education opportunities, individual adult trainers and to be used personally by pre-retirement aged people and seniors in order to address the problems of ageing societies. REASONS:The average age of statistical European citizen is rising rapidly in expense of sustainable economic growth, declining wealth of knowledge, experience, standard of living, and overall world-wide competitiveness of the region. The long-term challenges of an ageing population in EU are apparently overlooked under the weight of short-term financial retrenchment. MAJOR OUTCOMES:Field research, best practice data collection and Research Report;The Methodology “Pre-retirement training for successful and active ageing” ;On-line E-Training Course;Database for the network of active ageing;Public website containing all major products of the project in easily accessible forms;Strategies for mainstreaming project results and sustaining the impact of the project.IMPACT:Improving the service quality of adult educational system of lifetime learning in order to strengthen the partnerships and soften negative outcomes of ageing in participating EU states.Innovative approach through introduction and public integration of the Methodology through adult education providers, businesses, labour unions, etc. thus reaching larger numbers of target group representatives and achieving maximum level of valorisation.Contribution in changing the mind set towards lifelong learning, overcoming the passivity, promoting entrepreneurship, mentorism and volunteering thus adding to stability in the financial sector, solidarity and overall productivity and competitiveness of Europe.
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