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The MAD (Movement, Arts, Dance) project
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Mar 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

MAD is a project that is at the very heart for TheDojo.Org.Uk's mission, which is thus: THE DOJO.ORG.UK has three over arching aims: 1. Identify social issues that cause disunity within a society 2. Using the principles, philosophy and fundamentals of the Martial Arts as a metaphor and tool for solving social concerns 3. Get our Youth involved is tackling social issues, whilst integrating with the older generation Using the principles of Martial Arts To Empower People within the MAD project, through the medium of Dance and Performing Arts. The underpinning philosophy of the projects is to use Non Formal Learning Methods and the beauty and power of the Performing Arts to equip and enable the Youth with the character, skills and competencies to bring about a positive change in their future This project facilitates an arena where participants, especially the youth engaged in non-formal learning tasks and social actions can come together at MAD and participate in projects in a friendly, safe and fun environment, whilst promoting creativity and artistic unity. The Projects enables participants to go outside their locality, nationally and international environment to meet peers from different communities and/or countries with different social and cultural backgrounds and to learn from each other through an active participation in joint activities of common interest. Aim The aim of the project is not to teach a comprehensive Dance syllabus, but, to use the fundamental concepts, principles and mental orientation to teach leadership social & personal skills to help the participant deal effectively with life situations, either at school, work, home, the boardroom or on the streets. Using the principles, philosophy and fundamentals of Performing Arts as a metaphor and tool for Self Mastery, Personal Development & Self & Public Leadership. The MAD project is aimed at enabling and enriching Young People through the creativity and presence of Dance, Performing Arts and Physical Movement, to bring about character building, to enhance a better more virtuous community. Objectives The objective of the sessions is to use various Performing Arts fundamental concepts and principles to teach the participants: 1. Self Mastery & Personal Development 2. Self Leadership, Public Leadership and Self Reflection 3. Creativity & Inspiration 4. Cultural Diversity, Social Mixing, Social inclusion & Social Action 5. Increased responsibility, Independence & Self Efficacy 6. Training and networking for youth workers - training courses & contact-making Participants The project will bring 2-Gether 36 Participants 6 European countries consisting of various cultural, academic, ethnic, religious and social backgrounds to work, learn, develop, identify common social issues, formulate a solution and play as 1. Method The methodological approach used with the MAD project is varied and includes: presentations, workshops, short performances, creative concepts, games, performing arts training activities, group work, team based tasks, role plays, reflections, feedback, group discussions, coaching techniques, music, dance and traditions. The thread and crust of our approach is to create a learning environment that our targeted audience can learn in, as well as be able to view and assess evidence of learning effectively. Impact The impact of MAD is thus: Participants will have a chance to develop more their self leadership, interpersonal, intercultural and team working competencies, as well as behavioral traits that will empower and encourage them to face their future with Hope, Faith and Boldness. The long term benefit of the MAD project is such that it will play a key role in building a community in which a majority of it populace are inspired to be job creators, it will helps promote personal growth of the young people in our community, and works towards the breaking of racial and national prejudice, it brings new ideas that lead to improved leisure time and activities, motivates and encourages young people of the community to work on themselves, to communicate with people from abroad, to travel abroad, to participate in some European projects without fears. Promote the use of Performing Arts s as a tool for developing self leadership, self confidence, self awareness, self assuredness, self reliance, self discipline, and self esteem

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