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The Lucias Are In Tirajana with Diamons
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"The Lucias Are In Tirajana with Diamons" project is located in the municipality of Santa Lucia, on the island of Gran Canaria, a rural town with a high rate of youth unemployment. A partner is from Sweden. the ONG, "LULEA KOMMUN" comes from Luleå, a city north of the Scandinavian country. "Youth Denmark Mobility" is the Danish partner.The choice of partners is because the three have in common one of the most deeply rooted traditions in the Nordic countries this cultural festival is celebrated and incorporating the project we intend to continue building bridges of cultures between peoples.The exchange will involve 24 young people from Copenhagen (Denmark) and Luleå (Sweden), as well as the participation of 15 young people from Gran Canaria. The profile of the participants is 18- to 25-year-old with different difficulty accessing culture, education and the world of work by the remoteness of these urban centers. It will take place in a cultural context, deeply rooted identity and given in several countries.Arises from the idea of ​​further improving and knowing the tradition that is celebrated in the Nordic countries and in Spain and is intended for use as a liaison to work the European dimension, democracy, tolerance and respect for different cultures and traditions as well as the improvement reality of young people in their respective environments through improved social skills and personal tools.During the seven days of the exchange, will be carried out various activities to raise awareness of young people from other regions, the importance of maintaining traditions in Europe, and use them as a link between young people from different countries. The main objectives are: to exchange experiences; cultures meet and analyze the ties that bind us as a European people; deepen and improve the understanding of the traditions which results in the protection of the culture of the countries that make up this great nation that is Europe; the elimination of cultural and social stereotypes, etc.To assess the impact have provided different phases of action so that everyone can take part and we ensure the project's impact. Therefore, we are aware that this impact is related to the dissemination and exploitation of results. Thus, meetings with different social agents and cultural (Museum of the Lucias, Visit to the Ecumenical Temple, where the coronation of Lucias every year in the "Festival of Light" is performed, and Swedish and Danish colonies they will be organized in the island). Of course, with the generation of a dossier with the materials that will work, we will disseminate the results.They benefited from this project are in the foreground, the participants themselves, and second and third plane, families, neighbors, political and social and cultural agents involved in the project, both in Spain and in Denmark and Sweden.
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