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The lab-free CBRN detection device for the identification of biological pathogens on nucleic acid and immunological level as lab-on-a-chip system applying multisensor technologies (MULTISENSE CHIP)
Start date: Jun 1, 2011, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The goal of MultiSENSE is the development of a detection and identification system for biological pathogens, which shall include both the sample preparation stage, during which target molecules are extracted directly and in parallel the ensuing nucleic-acid-based and/or immunological detection and identification steps, in order to build an integrated “sample in, result out” system. Disruptive technologies (e.g., advanced sensor technologies like optoelectronic sensors or electrochemical sensors), lab-on-chip technology, and innovative instrumentation are key to reaching the presently unrealized goal of identifying pathogens in parallel on both the molecular biology level via PCR and the immunological route.The chosen technologies offer several advantages: on the one hand, a small, portable, and easy-to-use device can be realized due to miniaturization; on the other, the so-called lab-on-chip technology enables operation outside of lab settings, meaning that the complete analysis including sample preparation, extraction of target molecules, etc. will be carried out in a small device the size of a microtiter plate with all necessary reagents on board. This includes dry reagent storage of lysis reagents, master mixes for the PCR, antibodies, and liquid storage of buffers. Furthermore, it will be imperative that an on-chip waste storage be included in order to eliminate contamination risk. The overall target is a “sample in, result out”-type handling procedure.A reduction of processing times is a further advantage owed to miniaturization and the combination of all biological processes in a small disposable chip instead of different instruments. Finally, suitably equipped biological laboratories are no longer necessary to run PCR and immunological assays as portable systems may instead be used to analyze suspicious samples directly at the point of interest. Sensor technology will be another enabling technology we will apply.
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