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The International Tree - Developing Environmental Awareness

In the project, “The International Tree – Developing Environmental Awareness”, we aim to develop pupils understanding of the impact of global warming on their environment as well as internationally by highlighting and developing cross curricular learning and teaching opportunities within the schools current curriculum. Then it will be important to enable everyone to make decisions about daily actions to make a positive difference locally and internationally to environment, by formulating and agreeing an action plan which clearly identifies the challenges, gives specific success criteria and expected outcomes. We will aim to enable pupils to have an awareness of alternative sources of energy now and into the future. Communication by ICT will aim at developing both ICT-skills and some learning of the languages of the participating countries. “The International Tree” will be the central vehicle for dissemination of ideas between the pupils in the participating schools for pupils, parents, teachers and others visiting the school to see, and it will make a visual sign of the problem solving and solution based process in the project. By the development of environmental awareness, we aim at having a positive change in attitude and actions for a better future.Language activities in the schools and during mobilities will develop an interest for foreign languages. Collaboration and mobility of staff and pupils will bring the schools and countries closer together. Participants will become more open-minded for influence from other European countries. It will become easier to understand, tolerate and help each other, and it will be easier to go abroad studying, working, collaborating and travelling. “The European dimension” in our schools will influence the participants, and it will be a part of preparing for a future where people in Europe will get closer. Through project collaboration we aim at developing skills, knowledge and attitude, main competences in lifelong learning.
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