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The High Growth Coach

The Lisbon European Council (Mar 2000) set a strategic goal for Europe to become the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world stressing the critical role of education and training as the main instruments for the development of human capital, economic growth, productivity and employment. UK national and European VET/economic policies place an increasing emphasis on fast growing enterprises for economic growth . In the UK, it has been recognised that High Growth SMEs require support from coaches who understand the needs of high growth companies and how to deliver High Growth coaching. In 2007 The East Midlands Development Agency appointed Exponential Training & Assessment (ETA) to develop and deliver the Growth Enabler Programme to address a market failure in the development of high growth coaches. This project adapted and exploited this programme and developed a streamlined, less resource intensive High Growth Coach development programme for delivery in the partner countries.The main aim of the project was to develop and deliver the High Growth Coach Programme to enable the development of effective and competent specialist High Growth Coaches for use by regional and national agencies engaged in High Growth Coaching.The fulfilled project objectives were:1. To increase stakeholder and Partner understanding of the competences and VET practices required for the effective support of High Growth enterprises 2. To develop a High Growth Coaching Competency Framework and Coach Competency Assessment Tool enabling the identification of competency gaps in potential and actual High Growth Coaches3. To create a flexible, cost-effective, sustainable High Growth Coach Development Programme 4. To deliver the programme to 75 potential and actual High Growth Coaches 5. To set up a European network of High Growth Coaches to promote the exchange of best practice The target groups of the project were VET trainers and business coaches working with SMEs. The Consortium is made up of Exponential Training & Assessment, UK; Enterprise Lithuania, LT; Trebag Vagyon és Projektmenedzser Kft, HU; Gospodarska Zbornica Slovenije Center Za Poslovno Usposabljanje, SI; Centrul De Inovare Si Dezvoltare De Afaceri, RO. The main results of the project are:A high growth coach competency framework and assessment tool; A 16 week high growth coach development programme; 75 trained high growth coaches. The main impact of the project is to increase partner and VET agency capability and capacity to deliver high growth coaching to SMEs including: Improved understanding of the training needs of High Growth Coaches; Increased understanding of High Growth Coaching practices, tools and techniques; Improved quality of High Growth Coaching practices; Improved confidence in working with High Growth Companies; Availability of and access to a compendium of High Growth Coaching tools.

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