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The Happit: Building habits for happiness
Start date: 15 Aug 2016, End date: 14 Jan 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "HAPPIT" aims to increase the level of Wellbeing among young Europeans by applying the principles of building new habits in an environment conducive to healthy behaviors. The primary need from which started the project is the unexplored potential and the low level of wellbeing of the youngsters. The factors which we consider essential in enhancing their wellbeing are: a healthy lifestyle (healthy nutrition, movement, proactive thinking) and education in making professional choices development. At the core of youth exchange activities there is also an important concept - habit development, which has the role of a learning tool.Therefore, our objectives are the internalization of the principles of habit development, followed by creating and practicing a set of healthy habits (nutrition, movement and thought) and improving the quality of professional life among the 30 participants.The activities to be carried out during the youth exchange are based on experiential learning model and peer learning and regards topics as creating habits- as a tool for increasing wellbeing, healthy life style- the context conducive to personal fulfillment, professional potential of young participants, self-knowledge, acquiring learning skills, proactive approach to the challenges, planning and organizing promotional campaigns. Non-formal education methods that will ensure learning objectives include workshops, role play, planning and organization, outdoor activities, individual and group reflections.The impact achieved by the project "HAPPIT" is primarily the awareness of the direct and indirect participants that each is responsible for their own welbeing and that of the community, this responsibility is applicable both in the lifestyle and in creating the desired career paths. Moreover, awareness of the responsibility will be accompanied by learning and mastering ways of creating habits, in order to increase the welbeing among project participants. Also, the youth exchange will be a way of strengthening the partnerships created between organizations, developing at this level a "habit" of collaboration.
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