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The global village: think global – act local! Europäische Entwicklungszusammenarbeit und wir galore!
Start date: Mar 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The world is a village – the „global village“. This picture illustrates the process of globalization. Europe has a special place in globalization. The 28 member states of the European Union have not only successfully united after the cruel experiences of two worlds wars in the 20th century but they have also taken over there responsibility for the rest of the world. Europe defines itself not as an exclusive club or an island of bliss but is involved in supporting developing countries to solve their problems. Europeans understand that interdependencies in the 21st century are so close that deficiencies in developing countries have also immediate effect on Europe itself. As examples only migration due to poverty and displacement, negative follow-ups of ‘failed states’, environmental pollution, pandemics or international terrorism are named here. The sensitization of development cooperation is of crucial importance in order to make clear to especially young European citizens that their life is directly connected to the problems in developing countries. They have to understand the structures and effects of the globalized world for their own life. In this multinational youth gathering we are going to look at the topic European development cooperation from a multi-perspective point of view. The topic is so huge that it is important to get acquainted to the different aspects that matter. At the same time it is not only important to discover the broad content of the topic but also to experience this policy area through various methods to allow different approaches to the topic. The multinational project community with 60 young Europeans from Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Spain and Germany will experience the topic of European development cooperation in an intercultural learning environment. The content-based debate will also cover the exchange between the different countries to strengthen the mutual understanding. The big challenge of this European youth project is not only to discover the topic in all its aspects and with various methods but also to have a live link to Ruanda as well during the project. The project will be realized at the Europahaus Marienberg in Rhineland-Palatinate. The Bundesland Rhineland-Palatine has a partnership with Ruanda. We are going to use this partnership to produce a totally different dimension for the participants. Our planning’s for the programme are not yet settled as the application will be submitted. It may occur that different cooperation will be developed throughout the phase of preparation. We did have the first conversations and will intensify them in the coming month to create a special dimension to experience European development cooperation. A "Multimediaboard Ruanda-RLP" will be initiated. This Tool will create benefit for other projects and new cooperation in the field of European development cooperation. The project unites very different stakeholder and thus has a broad multiplication. Next to the focus on the content this project is a European gathering of young people. This aspect will also be crucial for the project. The young Europeans are going to experience the different cultures and the European similarities. It offers the chance to test things, to discover something new and to get inspired. The young people will have the opportunity to develop merits and work on deficiencies, gain language competencies and develop self-confidence and to snuffle international cooperation far away from being on vacation.

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