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The Global Problems of Humanity!
Start date: Aug 22, 2016, End date: Feb 21, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Education development is closely linked to global education and focus in particular on third-generation rights - sustainable development, the right to a healthy environment and the right to peace. Also great importance in the interaction between different societies and methods of development, this being the reason is tied and intercultural education. Achieving sustainable development objectives can not be achieved without a change in mindset of people and no community able to use resources rationally and ef fi cient, ensuring prosperity, environmental protection and social cohesion, the need for young people to realize the importance and diversity problems globally.The project aims to make known issues specific to young people of the world in which we live to induce them to engage in their resolution today, tomorrow, especially when they become adults.Volunteering is a way that can be sustained and strengthened values of community, through which young people can exercise their rights and responsibilities as members of the community, establishing points of connection between different cultures.The project goal is to increase accountability youth about current issues and future of mankind through education eco-civic spirit and active involvement of the entire community, in order to form a positive attitude towards society and environment. We want to shape a model of civic activism among young people that allow them to develop an equitable society, unified, sustainable, to actively participate in events to impact their lives and their communities, to promote intercultural dialogue. Through the project we intend to approach problems as a whole that concerns us and affects us all, wishing that young Europeans aware that they belong to a community that is affected by common problems that are different but have the same rights, adopting a positive attitude and active behavior and proactively to stimulate the respect, understanding and cooperation.Global education appears as a response to the processes, the chances and risks of globalization. Project activities define a positive and integrated educational approach whose goal is to ensure conditions drive in instilling a sustainable and secure world based on analyzing social and economic problems, cultural diversity and strategies for establishing peace, which has the following objectives:-knowledge And raising awareness on global issues, outlining examples of good practice that deserves it be implemented by the younger generation, granting an important high compared to everything around them.-Responsabilizarea And active involvement of young people in identifying social, cultural and educational community in finding ways of intervention.Stimulating the involvement of young Europeans in tackling global issues like human resources able to build a democratic society and a better future;Formation of proactive behavior based on respect for human rights and active involvement in community issues they belong.Creating and developing the learning that motivates young people to each other to work together in order to understand social problems they face and identify appropriate solutions;-To Promote and internalization of values as: respect, freedom, justice, peace, equality, solidarity, through training and outsourcing attitudes of self-respect, respect for others, concern for global issues critical approach, constructive engagement and action, social responsibility .-Involvement A total of 42 young people from 7 countries; Romania, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Macedonia, Croatia in group activities that will take place between October 23 to 31, 2016, in Dolj County, Craiova

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