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The Future of the East-West-East project, targets and partnership building
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The planned contact partner seminar will take part from 16th till 20 th of August 2015 in the Youth Educational Institution. The partners of this project are the members of the East-West-East network, they are from England, Estonia, Germany, Poland, Spain, Russian Federation, Ukraine,Georgia and Moldova. The first EWE project was in 2006, from these time we are still cooperating to each other. The main aim of EWE network is to make a contact between the youngsters from East- and Western Europe, also including their neighbour countries. Expressly the project assumed from the fact that the borders of Europe do not agree any more to those of the European Union. Meanwhile the situation has radically changed in Western Europe and East Europe. After the EU and Nato entry in 2004 the borders have become opened for parts of the East European states, for other less. A visa requirement still exists with many states of East Europe. With the approach above all of NATO to the Russian Federation the tensions have intensified between the east and west again, while 10 years ago all sides took care of notification. The war in the East of the Ukraine is the peak, the war like eskalation in East Europe. To be able to determine new aims, it is first tried to carry out a common analysis of the political situation. According to country of origin this will be certainly very different. We will invite to the support here a guest from the outside who was born in Poland and sits now in the land day of North Rhine-Westphalia. But also on the work of the single groups should be entered. All groups are asked to introduce her activities, not only the area which concerns Europe. The groups should also formulate in the approach her expectations of a changed East-West-East-Projekt and introduce on the seminar. These preconsiderations form together with the analyses of the political situation the basis for the new regulation of the aims of the network within the scope of the programme ERASMUS +. The first considerations for the wide work should be done. The project is supported by an other project which is applied in this frame, is carried out by a project within the scope of that of a Job-Shadowing to the construction of youth work in Galicia / Spain.
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