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The future challenge- BE SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR
Start date: Jan 30, 2016, End date: Jul 29, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Social policies for young people are dominated by the issues of employment and education, which are also among the objectives of the strategy "Europe 2020". The percentage of young "young NEET" has grown in recent years (European Commission, 2012). At the same time, the economic crisis, which has particularly affected young people, is doing record levels of unemployment and inactivity significantly higher than in other age groups in most of the Member States. European companies are facing also a series of social problems. Undoubtedly youth unemployment is one of the biggest problems today. As a result, young people are often socially excluded and have difficulty participating actively.One of the main reasons why we want to pursue this project is to promote the concept of social entrepreneurship for young people across Europe. The idea is that participants are able to use all the information acquired during the exchange and begin to think about their future career and all the possibilities that they have to create their own future.The objectives of the project are:- Provide young people with the opportunity to develop or improve their basic and transversl skills, such as entrepreneurship, digital skills, teamwork, creativity and multilingualism providing the theoretical and practical means to facilitate the resourcefulness of the youngsters with creative processes and business in order to facilitate their employment, also in relation to other areas of Europe.- Promote social inclusion; will participate in the exchange young people with fewer opportunities, youngsters who have financial problems or are in a state of inactivity or unemployment. Many times the people who are in these situations are those who are less willing to participate in certain activities with other ypung people, probably due to a conditioned reflex of their economic situation;- Encourage their active citizenship and participation in society, encouraging young people to take active and enterprising attitudes not only in their communities but also in Europe. Make them aware of their role as active citizens in Europe and able to build their own opportunities anywhere. Europe has become the place to move and interact exercising their rights.Participants involved in the project are 36, aged between 18 and 30 years who are dealing with the world of work for a short time, and young people who are looking for a new job or unemployed; boys who have finished high school and are facing with a number of choices such as the university, the search for a job, experience abroad, creating their own work; youngsters who feel an uncomfortable situation for the job, with many unknowns about it and how to build their career. Young people who want to discover and become active in the world around them, disappointed by their previous professional experience and young people who have lost their previous employment because of the crisis . Through this project we want to make them more aware of their strengths and opportunities for personal development in a wider context, like Europe.The activities will be carried out with the non-formal learning method. For each activity we have established the objectives and learning outcomes that participants will reach through workshops, discussions, games, practical activities according to the formula of "learning by doing" that will allow him to learn practising. The working groups will always be with participants of mixed nationality in order to facilitate intercultural learning and foster the creation of a European dimension, both individual and in group.The impact that we expect to achieve is broad, in fact, the project will have an impact on both tparticipants and local people. The method used will facilitate experiential learning, which will never be forgotten.

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