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The EVROPA Traineeship
Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

EVROPA is a unique traineeship for young people aged 16 to 24 years of age, who are completing an Apprenticeship. The EVROPA Traineeships are a series of 21 day traineeships for UK Apprentices and Vocational Learners to participate in international vocational learning and a work placement with an organisation in Czech Republic enhancing their job role and sector skills, experience of international working and appreciation of different customers’ needs. The Apprentices and Vocational Learners will expand their experience, knowledge and portfolios by undertaking practical work experience and vocational training in Czech Republic which will be added to their final Apprenticeship portfolio. The EVROPA Traineeship, is based around a unique Learning framework, incorporating:  Update Assessment  Preparation for Traineeship  Traineeship – Induction  Traineeship – Work Placement  Traineeship – Learning  UK Portfolio update Update Assessment: All Apprentices participate in an Erasmus+ VET-focused assessment, to review their current position, building upon their original initial assessment and progress reviews they have received throughout their Apprenticeship. The Update Assessment will identify new learning needs, support issues and how they will benefit from participating on a VET programme. Over 30 young Apprentices will participate in an Assessment, with only 18 being selected for the programme. Selection will be based on a framework of: Need; Career Goals; and Learning requirements, as well as reviewing Apprentices own objectives. An Apprentices’ own Assessor and Youth Officer will be consulted to ensure their suitability. If an Apprentice is selected, LITC will then liaise with the Apprentices’ HR team to explain the benefits, objectives and long term opportunities both for the learner and their organisation. Preparation for Traineeships: EVROPA’s Preparation for Traineeship stage will involve information on the vocational learning and work placements; what to expect briefings; language exchange; and orientation, such as location, life in Prague, accommodation, information on Learning Mentor and Work Placement Adviser. In particular, Apprentices will learn more about how the experience can be embedded into their final portfolio, evidence gathering and work-based experience, as well as other key information about the EVROPA Traineeship. Learners will learn about ECVET and how to gain ECVET credits from their current programmes and via the traineeship. Traineeship – Induction: Upon Apprentices arrival in Prague, all will receive a welcome meeting, a Mentors-Mentees dinner and a chance to learn about Prague as a working city. The induction will take place over a 3 day period, which will incorporate induction training, pre-work placement meetings with organisational hosts and Apprentices will meet their Assessors/Trainers. Apprentices will learn about where they will be living, meet fellow Apprentices on the Traineeships, sector professional and the learning framework over the 21 day period. Traineeship – Work Placement: All Apprentices will start a work placement, with a key sector employer, in the Apprentices industry. The first day will involve a traditional employee induction and training, and key work tasks assigned. Apprentices will work at their placement 4 days per week throughout the Traineeship period. Traineeship – Learning: All Apprentices will complete learning on a weekly basis, throughout their Traineeship. This will involve 1 day of vocational sector-focused learning, to build further evidence towards their Apprenticeship portfolio. The learning will be based on a traditional Czech-UK framework, designed by LITC and SQUARE ONE. During their learning, the Apprentice’s Assessor in Czech Republic will visit them at their work placement and observe them. The observation will be based in alignment with their UK Apprenticeship QCF qualification, and will support learners in also achieving ECVET credits. UK Portfolio update: Upon Apprentices return to the UK, all Apprentices will give a short presentation on their experiences in their Czech work placement, their learning and their overall experience. This is a requirement of their Apprenticeship as part of their Communication section and Functional Skills. This will be followed by a review of their new evidence with their Assessor. Apprentices, UK and Czech Assessors will liaise and a final piece of evidence created to be included in their Portfolio. Apprentices will also finalise their ECVET credits evidence. Throughout the EVROPA Traineeship, Apprentices will complete a video diary of their experiences as both an Apprentice and completing an international traineeship. This will be platformed onto LITC and SQUARE ONE website and social media outlets as part of our dissemination process. All Apprentices will be involved in the Traineeships review and evaluation throughout the programme.
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