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The Europeans Facing new Integration Challenges
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

From a general context, with an economic situation dominated by austerity and high restrictions in public expenditure in Spain we believe that it is necessary to explain to young people and civil society why European Union is a solid project, why is important to take part in it and what doubts and uncertainties are around the future of EU policies. Today, many Spanish students are migrating to other European countries searching a better future. The fact is that these young people many times are ignorant about important European policies that are affecting their future. Many of them do not know what is the role played by European Institutions or why is important their participation in European electoral process. Our project will increase the discussion between them and bring closer the EU reality to their lives: fiscal harmonization, Energy and Environment, migration and human rights, state Welfare are some of the topics that will be explored. Arount these topics, we have designed one module based in an offer of activities directed not only to university students but also to civil society and especially to an aging people who never before accessed to European Union Studies. We have included events directed to students who do not receive such type of teaching in their curriculum. We believe that our initiative will enrich our knowledge of the European Union. Young students and local civil society will have the opportunity to perceive the EU trends, what are the challenges that the European project is facing and where are the opportunities for the future. The structure of the module is three-fold: a summer course on the topic, General Short Courses targeting aging people and exhibitions on different EU perspectives.
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