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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project “ The European Saga " is meant to compare special aspects of literature and music in different cultures. This does not only include a mere presentation of and motivation for reading music and to know the most influential authors and writing within the participating countries, but also the developing, enjoying and motivation for reading, writing, painting and musical creation in each country. This contains reading sessions in various places, special dramatizations, musical performances, stage design, art creations and any other forms of culture adapted to the students ages. A very important component of the project is the concise documentation of the project’s proceedings, which leads – alongside the digital photo story – to a video and photo documentary of the given events. Finally all the findings and the progress of the work get into focus, as they are brought into a digital photo story and appear in the e-book, video and photo documentary. The interim findings will also be presented occasionally ( when appropriate) at open days or school festivals via Reading Sessions, Music Shows, Art Creation Sessions, Movie Makers, PPS, boards or fliers (snowball effect!). In spite of possible difficulties due to the geographical distance, social or national differences, the international relationships shall be improved via focusing on role model aspects resulting from comparisons with the other participating countries in a global context. PROJECT OBJECTIVES AND STRATEGY Our point to create this Project is help students to achieve their skills to overcome school failure, to promote success, self-confidence, self-esteem, participatory spirit, social acceptance and over all basic skills. The Project will help to pupils in many ways such as: prevent social exclusion, prevention of early school leaving, developing foreign language learning, national and international consciousness, improving ICT skills. Equity and Inclusion of disadvantaged participants will be also very important in our project because with the subject and activities we will include all type of pupils who have learning difficulties. Students should be made aware of the importance of culture which gives sense to life and the aspects involved and they should be given an incentive to get to know better their own culture, critically question it and be given an approach to intercultural and international dialogue and learning. At the same time they will be aware of all the differences and similarities within the European territory, bringing together common features and characteristics that were unknown to them till then. At first, the students should get familiar with the literature, music and other artistic features of their home country. Using this overview of their country’s history of literature, music and art the participants compose a presentation on the topic for the accompanying partners. Equipped with a joint basic knowledge about the participating countries’ literature, music and art the partners develop, plan and organize together a digital photo story in English language that brings cultures together. Inspired on the Greek saga about Zeus and mythical Europa as a frame work , a digital photo story, which combines the history and each national features, will be developed. The framework plot is for example, that mythical Europa escapes from Zeus and travels from Greece to Portugal, Turkey, Poland to know more about people, local traditions, literature, music, art and history in the hope to create a future unified country (called Europe). In every country she will meet people and gets to know typical sagas, stories, features and myths in these places. She comes into the story of the local saga as an objective observer and takes a piece of a puzzle with her. In the end she will return to Greece, having experienced that there have been wonderful places with impressing people, history and sagas on her way. The pieces of puzzle will be brought together to the outline of a United Europe and this mythical Europa chooses her name for this continent. Every school has to choose “actors”, all students together prepare their performances, carry out rehearsals in the different countries, create their pieces of art, design invitations for local authorities and teachers to show their products, and make their e-book and photo story. By working together, the students' personal skills, as well as the ability to communicate verbally and non-verbally will be improved. Hereby, the cooperation among students, teachers and European citizens will be enhanced, expanded and experienced! Additionally, the students learn to organize themselves, take responsibility for their actions, as well as understand and respect democratic structures of behavior! The project includes 4 schools and 4 countries. There will be about 60 mobilities of teachers and 64 mobility of students exchange with 16 mobility of accompanying teachers.
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