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The Eurocytology Website – a unified platform for education, training and development of transferable skills in clinical cytology screening and diagnosis

The project will construct an e.learning programme (1) based on the website for education of students in medicine and training of cytotechnologists and cytopathologists , (2) congruent with recognized standards,(3) to be accredited and subsequently distributed in the mainstream of Faculties of Medicine and Hospitals’training schools. It aims at becoming a common reference for European training in cytology and therefore overcome the huge disparities today existing in Europe in the use of cytology for prevention and care of cancer: disparities clearly witnessed by the different rates of survival mapped against a period of 5 years. Not to say the disparities of training , in particular of people working in the relevant laboratories. In this perspective many European national Societies of cytology have given the consensus for spreading information about the project and being active actors of dissemination. The project is based on 2 previous projects EU funded, dealing with screening for cancer diagnose and therapy, implemented some years ago and therefore overcome by the current developments -- OBJECTIVES AND ACTIVITIES: Specific objectives : (1)to diffuse the theory and practice of cytology as non invasive technique and methodology,(2) to favour the introduction of common standard of training in order to reinforce the trend towards homogeneity both of standards and of competences in the health care for cancer at European level. Activities foreseen are: (1) a general recognition across Europe of the state of the art in training, with the cooperation of the national cytology Societies,(2) the draft implementation of the e.learning programme,(3) its testing with 50 students of Faculties of Medicine and a consistent number of senior cyto-technologists and pathologists,(4) the confectioning of the final product and the valorisation in the different European Countries, starting with those of the partners. -- RESULTS AND PRODUCTS: Outcomes: (1)the Report of the results of the survey on the state of the art of relevant training throughout of Europe,(2) the results of the testing with 50 students of Faculties of Medicine and a consistent number of senior cyto-technologists and pathologists, (3)the web based e.learning programme and the publicity materials for valorisation in the different European Countries -- POTENTIAL FUTURE: Extension of the valorisation to European Countries not belonging to the partnership

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