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The EU'rban Gardens Otesha project
Start date: Jan 1, 2012,

EU'Go is an intergenerational, cultural and family-oriented educational project based on city garden tools.Over 24 months, six partners (FR, IT, UK, DE, ES, FR) will pool their skills, share them and use them in their work with a target group of 20 people per country to test, evaluate and validate an e-learning method centred on city gardens in the European Union. Under the name of ‘Otesha Garden’, they will provide support to an innovative, educational measure aimed at facilitating social integration or reintegration, skills transfer, basic training, the creation of links between people, and the exchange of know how between participants (three target groups), as well as between project partners.Local activities, partner meetings, marketing of the project’s products and dissemination of the project process are all actions which will be carried out in an inclusive and participatory manner.Accessible from a dedicated web platform, EU'GO will bring together all the resources tested and created by the project partners in the form of educational sheets and e learning modules.Once they have all tested by the project partners (senior citizens, women, people with low job security from problem areas) and validated by the joint consortium, these resources will then be made accessible to other bodies with a view to future dissemination.

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