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The drawing compass of volunteering: school youth and inclusion
Start date: May 18, 2016, End date: Aug 17, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The drawing compass of volunteering: school youth and inclusion it’s a long term service project that take place in Cagliari (Italy) and involve 4 volunteer for 8 months service coming from Georgia, Ukraine, Portugal and Romania. The project aims to foster the social inclusion and the intercultural understanding, supporting the active participation of young people thans to the three planned activities dedicated to children, youngster and young foreigners. Through the activity ‘Impariamo le culture e la solidarietà’ the volunteers help pupils to understand better the diversity of the communities they are part of and the richness they can have with the discovering of the values and habits of other cultures , the value of diversity as understanding and acceptance of ourselves and the others, for a coexistence made by dialogue and exchange in our island which is nowadays crossroad, melting pot and welcome place for our brother of Mediterranean Sea. Trhough the activity ‘International summer week’ the volunteers support the organization to realize one of the most youth intercultural festival of the Mediterranean. The youth festival gather togheter more than 200 people from all over the world giving a huge impact in the intercultural dialogue among different culture, lifestyle and realities.Through the activity ‘In-formazione: crea il tuo’ the volunteers support the organization in delivering information to young people about European opportunities in the field of international mobility and education through local meetings and workshops. The projects aim to promote the developing of non-formal competencies and soft skills useful for the personal and professional future of young people.Within these activities the project give a big impact in the local community and in the EVS volunteers that will get a lot of experience and new skills through the voluntarism and exchange with their peers in the hosting community and growing as a person in multicultural environment. The visibility done with multimedia tools and materials will be created during the project (for example #100volunteerdays account and hashtag) and the combination of the three activities will have a huge impact especially among young people at local and international level.

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