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The Development of an Anglo-french Cinema-focused Cultural Exchange e - Phase II (The Development of a Film Focussed Anglo-French Cultural Exchange - Phase II)

The partnership between The British Film Week and The French Film Exchange is the result of a mutual desire to support cinema production in both countries through exciting events, the development of relationships between people working in the film industry with the aim of promoting knowledge, new work, and the screening of British and French short and feature films. Both festivals will endeavour to attract the largest possible audience, including those who do not usually gain access to this art form, especially with regard to the film education schemes offered to young people and people who have a learning disability. The common aim of JUNK TV Festivals Ltd and Nuits Blanches will be to strengthen links between the regions of East Sussex and Picardie, promote a better understanding of their respective cultures and encourage open-mindedness among people through the medium of film.
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