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The development of advanced numerical tools to study and control supersonic particle beams in Cold Spray (SSAM)
Start date: Dec 1, 2013, End date: Nov 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"“Supersonic Spray Advanced Modelling - SSAM” is an ambitious project, which proposes the development of new computational tools to model the acceleration of micro-sized metallic particles in a novel manufacturing process known as Cold Spray (CS). In this method, powders are entrained in a supersonic jet stream (carrier gas) and are accelerated up to high velocity levels (>1000m/s). This enables the generation of high energy impacts against a substrate material, and allow for the formation of a coating or deposit in a melt-free manner.However, the current understanding of CS working principles and mechanisms is up to now incomplete. This programme proposes the development of full multi-phase computational tools tailored for this process, and suitable for supersonic regimes. New mathematical models will be developed, and implemented in a numerical package to resolve in the deepest detail carrier gas-particles interactions at dynamic and thermodynamic levels. Theoretical results will be validated using state of the art experimental apparatuses, currently available within the Researcher host premises.The development of this programme will set the basis for further research projects, and is part of a larger long-term plan aimed at engineering the first ever melt-free and mask-free metal deposition process for polymer and non-metallic substrates. A summary of details is included in this application.The Researcher is a leading expert in CS, with major contributions at academic and commercial levels. The award of a FP7-CIG grant is vital. It will enable the Researcher to demonstrate his capabilities over established staff members (through the opening of his first PhD programme as Supervisor) and will provide the opportunity to collaborate with them in an exciting project. Ultimately, this will lead to the formation of a consolidated position, at academic and social level, therefore to a full integration status."
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