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The Daily Bread in Our Globalized World

The theme of our project was bread and its role in society. We decided to focus on that topic because younger generations tend to renounce old traditions and national dishes in favor of junk food. Therefore, we encouraged our learners to get acquainted with and explore the sphere of healthy foods with particular reference to bread. Our other equally important aims were to raise the level of English language skills among students and teachers, enhance their ITC abilities as well as to know and promote each partner’s culture with mutual tolerance and respect. The project introduced the participants to the culture of bread and its presence in literature, art, music, and religion in each country. Special lessons provided students with an insight into various processes that occurred during the bread journey from seed to our table. Food safety, agricultural policies, the problem of the daily bread as the cause of migration, the effects of globalization on our bread eating habits were also examined. The participants visited farms, bakeries and museums to extend their knowledge about how the technology of bread making evolved in time. Our successful and friendly cooperation resulted in the improvement of our English, ITC, communicational and artistic skills, and helped extend our European cross-cultural awareness. This project was an excellent opportunity for students to increase their motivation to learn new things, seek for information, and know more about other cultures in an easy and creative way. Teachers learned to use new management and teaching methods. Each time when the partners met we sang our project song, presented our traditional folk songs and dances and shared our regional and national breads and cookies. Beside all activities we explored our cultures outside schools – visiting important places of our history, religion and tradition. Newspaper articles on each visit were written and sent to the press.
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