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The Cultural Bridge in COJEP
Start date: Jul 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Previous days, we have been the witness of horrible attacks in Paris which have been effected deeply the peace of the society. The people who has been minorities in France, they feel like “undesirable” because of having a different habits, various religious or ethnical background or particular culture. Unfortunately, it is so clear that these attack caused the rise of discrimination as well. As a consequence of the reasons that mentioned above, COJEP International would love to work about antidiscrimination and antiracism in the field of youth and to rise the idea of European citizenship to avoid marginalized society in France and European Countries. We believe that our project will be the source of inspiration to other NGOs in France to work on societies and about anti-humanity actions. This project is aimed to promote understanding of other cultures for intercultural dialogue. We promote social inclusion policy and solidarity principles in order to avoid marginalization and discrimination of minority groups with different skin color, religious background, originated from immigration etc. International organizations; such as Council of Europe and United Nations, declare about this problem through numerous reports and programs since a long time. Non-governmental organizations raise awareness in society about racist speeches are still exist. Because of this truth, COJEP International has decided to work on the same field of international organizations and effect their decision making process with our reports and activities that will be organized by Erasmus+ project; with our EVS project. COJEP International is already working on the same field of work to observe and monitor to society and report the cases. As COJEP, the cases are monitoring, the monthly and the yearly reports are publishing by the team; and these reports are putting the agenda of Council of Europe, United Nations an Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Besides, within the 30 years experiences as a NGO in France, COJEP has a huge network to work on this project and to make it more effective. To make this project unique and efficiency, our volunteer candidates have been chosen so carefully to the idea of more involved Europe. Each of the region has one representative in our project; from European Union Program Country, from Non-European Union Program Country and from Partner Country as the name of our project: The Cultural Bridge! All of our volunteers will be motivate to learn/improve French level and to use it in their everyday life. Each of our volunteers will be supported by COJEP’s team to use French in their working area to be able to use professional French in their future. Because of being so open for multicultural and multilingual structure of COJEP, our volunteers will communicate more than one foreign language each day and they will maybe learn one more foreign language besides French. As it can be seen, the main idea of our project to give the volunteer a free space to improve their abilities, communication skills and to be more experienced human beings. COJEP will be so happy to serve the development of youth generation in our NGO within this project, mentoring and monitoring our volunteers. This project also allows a person to develop some specific (sometimes technical) skills and knowledge. Providing a support to discriminated people a volunteer can learn how to provide a mental help to a person (Our volunteers definitely will not be charge to give mental support to victims, they will be just the observers). In framework of this project, COJEP provides a juridical consulting to people who call the Court (for example a complaint about discrimination or some racist aggression act) so a volunteer can find out more about the law procedures and add some more information to his/her knowledge. And taking into account the topic of the project (racism and discrimination) a volunteer will for sure learn much more about it from National and International structures researches, from surveys, in juridical aspect. To sum up, our project will serve the contraire of antidiscrimination and antiracism in Europe to have a peaceful society in EU countries. European Citizenship will be involved our project to affect young people who needs to support and o find out their wishes with our information meetings. We are already sure that our EVS volunteers will inspire the target group of youth of COJEP. As well as, our project will give an idea to other NGOs in Europe to affect national and international organizations and to support their researches with their own resources. All of the aim is to build up more harmonically European society in peace and avoid anti-humanity activities in Europe.

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