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The colourful life in the cities of black coal

Motto: "Life flourishes everywhere, what differs is the quality of life based on conditions".The project - aims to make young people aware of the values of life and the value of the environment in which they live through the shared experience- builds the conscious approach to similarities and differences of young people living in industrial and post-industrial areas in Europe - depicts everyday life situations in both countries in an artistic way (on film)- searches for the possibilities of improvement through the active involvement of youth on the base of common European values and cultural background of both countries.The project in detail:1. Filmmaking- in mixed groups, the students will choose and share different topics somehow connected to their lives. As an outcome of their discussions they will prepare several short films in English as well as a presentation of both countries. The films can be documentary or artistic, developed by the students from the script to the public performance. The students will learn the procedures of filmmaking from experienced lecturers.2. Documentation and research- during the whole project the students will research their topic, collect material and question their schoolmates or the public. Both in Ostrava and in Bochum the students will prepare a public discussion about their topics to receive suggestions of improvement.3. Bulletin- as a result of their collective work, students will prepare a bulletin that will present their experience of the project and the results of the research. The bulletin will be in English and in national languages.Outcomes:- 3 films at least presented in public- a presentation of both countries- 2 public discussions- a bulletin- a portfolio certificate for each participant, a Europass
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