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The challenge to create"word's citizens"
Start date: Jun 18, 2016, End date: Jun 17, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school project aims to : -encourage the optimamalization of the reports with disposition of internationality, inserting learning units or microprojects in a foreign language ,developed via ICT as well;-start up the quality of communication and of intercultural collaboration with foreign partners in order to improve the quality of our Erasmus plus.-spark off changes as concerns interactivity, modernization and internationalization of the classes given both in L 1 and L 2, L 3 and L 4 ,thus, the pupils’ involvement and interest will increase.-help the comprehension of the different European countries’ social, linguistic and cultural diversity, so to increase the sense of belonging to a transnational community ;-sustain the development of European awareness-compare the school policies and reports of foreign partner schools , in order to point out and study the differences and similarities in order to guarantee an exchange of winning strategies and good practice;-allow the the most teachers to get base knowledge of L 2, and a good number of teachers to get to a similar knowledge of L 3,-increase the linguistic training of the teachers appointed to supervise and support the problem area of disabled pupils and non italian speaking kids,thus, the school will fit their needs gainfully. Our stategy of internationalization plans:-before the arranged activity, the school staff will observe the collegues’ needs , their proposals and expectations for future novelties; they will confer with the people in charge of the project, , in order to develop their activities mainly according to the current plan .-the parrticipants will be encouraged to train for the formation action ,-mobilities will take place in non teaching periods , in order to avoid problems due to the need of substituting teachers .At the end of the whole activity , our school will be able to :-include new teachers in our International activities-try out new techniques to teach a foreign language in a profitable and interesting way which could challenge the students and spur them to go on learning-start up CLIL methodology in our classes ;-experiment with new policies to get over the difficulties met with disadvanced pupils;-test new strategies to improve the integration of non Italian speaking pupils.The staff partecipating in the mobilities and other involved teachers will create some groups working on the following tasks: -non Italian speaking students;-creative and innovative techniques concerning the teaching methods of foreign languages;-innovative approach as concerns the school policy and way of teacing linked to disadvantaged pupils of our institute;-managing group, made up of the school master ,teachers in charge of the project , and the responsibles ,of the different school course;At the end of each period surveys will be handed out in order to get an evaluation of the activities carried out. The teachers who took part in the project and the others involved , the students will be asked to fill in the forms.The impact of this project on the students will be evacuate comparing the new results with the previous ones .This evaluation will allow the planning of a future programme concerning a new period.

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