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The Bothnian Corridor (divided between the Swedish side and the Finnish side), which connects the Northern Axis to the Nordic Triangle and to Rail Baltica (The Bothnian Corridor)

The Bothnian Corridor connects the northern part of the Northern Axis with thee Nordic Triangle. Thee corridor is also important for the east-west transport routes inland- Sundsvall-Östersund-Trondheim and Vaasa-Umeå-Mo i Rana.The Northern Axis connects the Trans-Siberian railway with the harbour in Narvik via Haparanda/Tornio and the Iron Ore Line.The Bothnian Corridor is already of great importance for trans-national goods -ows within EU and to/from the EU. As the extended European integration continues, the importance of the corridor will increase further. Northern Axis and the Nordic Triangle will be connected through the Bothnian Corridor and together they create an important fundamental structure for the European transport system, from raw material, e.g. ore, metal and forest, via refning to market.A functioning infrastructure is essential to secure the EUs future transports of raw material. The transport corridor through Northern Sweden and Finland is a very important route for goods. Several factors limit the effciency of transports along the Bothnian Corridor. Steep inclines limits the speed and weight of the trains, insuffcient carrying capacity and lack of capacity in general create competition disadvantages and market obstacles for the raw material supply of EU´s industrial market.
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