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The BANGOL Five. One: The future of youngsters, the youngsters’ future

Soon after its beginning, the project BANGOL (Baltic Sea Region Non- Governmental Organisations and Leisure) grew into an extensive working- group and network. Participants set up structured seminars and discussions in Frederiksberg, Hamburg, Lund, Kaliningrad, Vilnius, and Riga. The project’s main event was a week long workshop and dialogue held in Lund, Sweden, in which more than 100 youth workers and youth took part. The main topics discussed were the future of Europe, active citizenship, employment, and social integration. Furthermore the participants visited the Cultural Centre Skane and performed for disabled young people which led to a better understanding of their situation. The seminar entailed the use of methods such as ‘Me too’, collage and ‘Happy citizen’. The participants were encouraged to show creativity and draw a happy citizen for the future of Europe. The project helped people to further consider the needs and interests of young people who had been directly involved in all phases of the programme. In discussions the participants came to many conclusions through their exchanges, including that there needs to be a higher international standard for social and youth work. Therefore, a more intensive dialogue between youth, adults, politicians, and youth workers is necessary. Many of those who participated in the conferences are looking forward to doing more international youth work.
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