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The 10 Commandments of Tolerance

The 10 Commandments of tolerance in Europe creates numerous opportunities to study and research students’ attitudes towards four different aspects of tolerance/intolerance. This will be ensured by varied activities requiring cooperation between partners. Year 1- General attitudes regarding (in)tolerance: students record the attitudes of members of the local community (video interviews)- Intolerance towards physical conditions: how do local governments deal with disabled people? - Paralympics: students & teachers overcome barriers by organising their own ‘Paralympic Games’ with able and disabled people helping each other.- Visualising: European map that is updated constantly shows the results during the 2 years of the project.Year 2- Religious intolerance: how do students relate to various religious backgrounds?- Socio-economical intolerance: short plays during the meetings will reflect students’ experiences (concerning a visit with an NGO).- Ethnical intolerance: students gather news articles about racial integration in their own country, a discussion during the meetings will compare the results.Throughout the project, students and teachers are encouraged to discover differences in tolerance between the partners. As a final aim, the partners will construct the Ten Commandments of a Tolerant Europe, and pupils can develop a strong self-esteem regarding their ability to express themselves and their feelings as well as to improve students' social skills and sensitivity for differences among humans. All these impressions and results of the project activities will be represented in a small book: "about tolerance and intolerance in Europe". So our conclusions can still be useful for other people.

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