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Tessere-Ricamare : Anziani Mediatori di Esperienze

The project aims to:• support the construction of a reciprocal knowledge and relationship between Italian,Spanish and Romanian People• valorise national identity• sustain the reciprocal exchange of competences and skills• encourage activities of women in the sector of textile and embroidery• promote training, especially for women• strengthen the relationship between Romanian citizens and Romanian people living inFlorence and Bilbao.The most important results will be:• training of adults referring to local tradition, handcraft competences (textile andembroidery) and European Citizenship with the support of experts (c.60 hours)• sustaining the transfer of handcraft skills and competences to young people• training of young people concerning professional competences; self-entrepreneurialactivities, valorisation of local context and market (c. 60 hours)• supporting the cultural and working relationship between Romanian people living inItaly (Florence) and Spain (Bilbao) and their native communities with the help of someRomanian Peer Education operators trained during the project.Impact envisaged:• the activities planned will have a deep impact on the relevant populations, particularlywomen, migrants and entrepreneurs.• the architecture and the organisation of the project can be transferred to other contextscharacterised by migrant flows and featuring any kind of handcraft activity.• the cultural exchange, based on traditional handcrafts, can support the exchange ofyoung trainees among countries
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