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Terminator 2 - zagraniczne praktyki uczniów tarnowskiego rzemiosła
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project will concern the organization of the 5-weeks work-placements in Spain and Germany for students from the Vocational Craft School in Tarnow and Pilzno. There will be the following editions of work-placements for the 12-person groups of trainees for each country:GERMANY(2stays) N1 15.01/02.17.2017;N2 14.01/02.16.2018; SPAIN(4stays) H1 15.01/02.17.2017;H2 28.05/30.06.2017;H3 13.11/16.12.2017;H4 09.04/11.05.2018. The total amount of participants is 72 students and 6 tutors. It is predicted that about half of participants will be from the school in Tarnow and half from the school in Pilzno. To participate in practices in both countries the requirement will concern students of the second and third classes, studying the following professions; in Germany: car electr., confectioner, baker, locksmith, electrician while in Spain: hairdresser, cook, confectioner, baker, car mechanic and car electr., fitter, locksmith, and carpenter. The official language during the practice in Spain will be the Spanish and in Germany-the German. Before the departure for practice all the selected candidates will participate in cultural and linguistic preparation, psychological and pedagogical-support the participants in creating their own concepts of participation in the internship. What is more, students will participate in language courses at the OLT platform. Students going to Germany will have basic course of German (preparation will be continued in Germany by intensive course concentrating on branch vocabulary); and for those students going to Spain: the basic course of Spanish on the platform OLT (preparation continued in Spain-in terms of taking into account the vocabulary related directly to the work environment). All students will benefit from the consultation of language to create applications for internships, as well as language courses online on the platform of the EC. In addition, candidates will be trained to practice the basics of intercultural communication. Cultural preparation will also be carried out during practices in Seville and Erfurt. Before the departure there will be the psychological preparation in order to facilitate participants coping with stress, separation from family, and the new situation abroad. The institution responsible for the preparation and implementing of practices in Seville will be Move On Solutions. This partner has been chosen because of its' extensive experience in carrying out similar projects, the possibility of direct access to local SMEs in Seville, where work-placements can be organized. But most of all this institution was pointed out as the project partner thanks to high satisfaction of our former cooperation (the organization was a partner of the Chamber in the implementation of two mobility projects; the first one in the LDV and the second in the last phase of Erasmus +). The organization responsible for the preparation and supervision of practices in Germany will be the Chamber in Erfurt. It gains companies, runs education center and had declared interests in receiving trainees from Poland. It also worked with the Chamber in Tarnow in the project Erasmus +. Students from Craft Schools in Tarnow and Pilzno have the status of young workers employed in companies, aiming at obtaining professional competences and pursuing theoretical vocational training in schools. The project involves getting by the beneficiaries level two up to three of the EQF. This will be possible thanks to the integration of professional experience accomplishes during national work-placements and skills gained during the internship abroad. In order to guarantee supervision and safety of beneficiaries the tutor will be employed for each group. The project methodology concerns defining educational-professional (together with the mentor) objectives for each beneficiary and matching the placements programmes with these objectives and then monitoring of the process of obtaining competencies in the craft companies. The main project objective is to upgrade 72 beneficiaries’ professional potential and employability. The project will involve students in professional improvement in schools run by the Chamber in Tarnow and increase the attractiveness of vocational training by giving the opportunities of realising work-placements abroad which will lead them into the Euro. Labour Market. Participation in work-placements will extend beneficiaries knowledge and upgrade their qualifications. Work-placements will prepare participants to work in international environment and contact with new technologies and solutions will enable transfer of experiences and innovation into the crafts in the Tarnow region. The placements will influence the social competencies of pupils as well as will upgrade their adaptation abilities. Promotion of “best practices” realised will upgrade the interest of pupils of Craft schools in Tarnow region in European mobility and will extend the perspectives of craft companies from that region.
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