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Terahertz microsystems - Enabling the large-scale exploitation of the terahertz gap (TERAMICROSYS)
Start date: Apr 1, 2014, End date: Mar 31, 2019 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"This project envisions the wide-spread use of THz technology in various applications in our society, which is enabled by the proposed THz microsystems, providing an unprecedented way of creating highly-integrated, volume-manufacturable, cost and energy-efficient, reconfigurable and thus adaptive submillimeter-wave and THz systems. Advanced three-dimensional micromachining is used as the key enabling fabrication technology. In connection with the technology convergence of advancing microwave semiconductor technology according to international technology programmes and roadmaps, the findings of this project are expected to comprise a significant contribution towards the large-scale exploitation of the heavily sought-after frequency space between 100 GHz and 1 THz, the so-called ‘terahertz gap’.Primary application fields with high impact of the proposed technology are wireless short-range communication links to interconnect future small-cell clouds replacing the current macro-basestation radio access network, and submillimeter-wave/THz sensing with application fields including medical diagnosis, food quality control, agriculture and industrial sensors.The proposed THz microsystems are based on rectangular waveguide-technology integrated into a multi-wafer stacked silicon substrate, which integrates all passive components needed for completing a submillimeter-wave/THz system around the monolithic-microwave integrated circuits (MMIC). Novel key building blocks investigated in this proposal include platform-integrated sensor and antenna interfaces, micro-electromechanically tuneable filters, phase-shifters, impedance-matching networks and non-galvanic microsystem-to-IC interfaces. The micro-mechanical reconfigurability enables unprecedented adaptive THz systems.Key outcomes of this project are proof-of-concept prototypes of all key building blocks up to 650 GHz, and of complete THz microsystems implemented for the two key applications telecom links and medical sensors."

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