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Tenerife Intercultural Experience
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the European context, we face many challenges in the intercultural coexistence, such as the inclusion of minority groups without having to assimilate mainstream culture, welcoming immigrants and refugees in a time of economic and social crisis in Europe, and the xenophobic and Islamophobic discourses that are justified by a speech of insufficient resources by the European Union and increase the existing prejudices about other cultures.Facing this social situation, firstly, we consider that the necessary work to overcome the barriers in the intercultural coexistence must be concerted and collaborative, with the active participation of the citizens, experts (youth workers) and the public local institutions in each country, city and / or municipality. Secondly, it is relevant to highlight the accumulated experience for many years and projects on the island of Tenerife in the intercultural and interfaith dialogue experience, which are now serving as an example for various European countries where young people from minority foreign cultures join the intercultural work.Therefore, we have designed this exchange to provide theoretical knowledge and especially practical experience of how to work in the field of intercultural coexistence, through the fight against stereotypes, prejudices and existing rumors about other cultures; to value the benefits of the interculturality and make them visible to public opinion and the general public, but also involve all stakeholders in projects that promote the intercultural coexistence.The project will be carried out during the week between the 19 and the 25 of September and will include 30 participants from: Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Greece and Slovakia, five from each country, aged between 18 and 30 years. Among them, a young person at risk of social exclusion of each participating country will be included.The exchange program includes three-way learning of non-formal methodology: experiential practices, such as rising awareness workshops, presentation and exchange of cultural experiences, such as visiting an interfaith group, and contact with the relevant stakeholders in academic and policy making in this field, such as public entities involved in intercultural projects; in this case, the Cabildo of Tenerife, the University of La Laguna and the council of the municipality where the exchange will be developed.This project aims to provide sufficient tools to facilitate the creation of new projects on multiculturalism by the partners. We hope that, in this exchange, the organizations working in entrepreneurship and youth employment will find ideas and techniques, enabling them to continue the generation of youth employment in their countries through the creation of projects aimed to promote multiculturalism in Europe and to be financed by public or private entities. We hope that, as well as in Tenerife, where the recruitment of young immigrants is promoted by training to work on social projects, our partners may find in this a way to improve the socioeconomic conditions of their young people, giving them the opportunity to work for the improvement of the intercultural coexistence and, ultimately, to reach a Europe without barriers.
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