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Tendiendo puentes
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our centre, CEIP Gran Capitan, is located in the town of Montilla, Cordoba and is a newly formed bilingual centre. The location of the school is known to foster students who have migrated mainly from countries such as Romania, Poland and Morocco.The need to improve our language skills and acquire strategies to help meet the cultural and linguistic diversity, leads us to propose the following objectives:- Learn attractive and motivating methodologies for the student body, which facilitates the learning of different languages.- Improving our competence in foreign languages.- Internationalise our centre, promoting transnational cooperation and creating a European area of lifelong learning.- Promoting our professional development, in order to innovate and improve teaching quality.- To acquire methodological strategies that allow us to design schedules that best meet the needs of our students.The involvement in the project, directly or indirectly, will include of the cloister, but only nine teachers will carry out mobility activities, which will commit them to convey experiences, and establish channels of communication, and training tools through the Erasmus platform. Mobility activities that best meet our training needs, and contribute optimally to achieve results that will improve the quality of education in our centre are the following:- Activity 1: English for teachers at a low level (A2, B1). Two teachers with low English skills, develop their language skills, oral fluency, vocabulary and pronunciation.- Activity 2: CLIL in Dublin: Content and Language Integrated Learning. Three teachers with knowledge of English but little experience in CLIL methodology, acquire practical ideas for classroom management, lesson planning and development of materials.- Activity 3: Introductory course to French. Four teachers with little knowledge of French, improve their skills and are introduced to the implementation of French in our centre.- Activity 4: Different cultures in Europe. The art of coming together. Three teachers to acquire knowledge in English teaching strategies to meet the socio-cultural and linguistic diversity in the classroom.- Activity 5: Structured Study Visit to school and training seminar in Finland. Three teachers with or without knowledge of English or French, known for innovative learning methods and establish contacts for possible K2 project. All project participants agree to share their experiences and to modify their classroom programs in order to introduce activities that will contribute to improving the quality of our centre, and to the achievement of the objectives. The diversification of these matters among members of the project ensures a degree of specialization and use, that result in good practice amongst the school, teachers students. In the long term, we will achieve the internationalization of our centre in order to establish contacts with other European centres, KA2 future projects, and improved integration of our students, building bridges, towards an ever more open and plural society.
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