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Tell Your Story
Start date: Jan 30, 2015, End date: Sep 29, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Tell Your Story" is the brainchild of an informal group of young people, very active in the local area, who want to "rediscover the soul" of their village through the most authentic expressions and a comparison with very different cultures. The activities will take place in a small village, located in the north of the of Campania region. The youth of village, unfortunately, lives a sense of discomfort linked to several conditions: poor educational and employment offer, youth emigration; uncertainty feeling about the future; loss and isolation feeling associated with living in a decentralized area; unaspected and massive presence of young immigrants and refugees, not well integrated into the territory. The project aims are: rediscovering the local identity (collecting the most authentic expressions); supporting integration with local political refugees and immigrants through dialogue and discussion; stimulating language learning and use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) as a vehicle for personal and professional growth; spreading a self-assessment process to be aware of daily learning (informal learning). This project will increase in the identity awareness and, in the same time the awareness of the European dimension. In the European context, that is continually widening, with more and more cultures we face, the risk that small villages become anonymus is real and young people can have a sense of loss associated with weak roots. The initiative brings together twenty-eight young people (from Italy, Romania, Belgium and Sweden) that will "tell" themselves and the cultures they belong in an open and unprejudiced environment. The activities will last 8 days. Very important is also the involvement of local personalities (the most typical), who will share their stories with the participants. A central theme will be the development of communication skills that will be implemented by means of special laboratories. Other activities include: hiking; the writing of a personal diary that collects testimonies and feelings lived; evenings of traditional culture; assessment; cultural breakfast and closing ceremony. The working method is based on informal and direct involvement of the participants and stakeholders that cooperate in the initiative. The young people will learn acting. The direct involvement of the community, also through the involment of its typical personalities, will facilitate the integration and the consequent impact in the local area. The institutions and local associations will be able to attend a sample of European design project, knowing Erasmus Plus programme, how to access it and give to other young people the oportunity to undertake learning experiences. The local cooperation will strengthen synergies and will support youth politics.
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